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Frequencies condition energy, which conditions physical form or reality. Change the frequencies, change the physical reality.


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Karen’s work is nothing short of life-changing. She has an amazing ability to see the underlying patterns that keep us small and limited and stuck. Things like lineage patterns, repressed emotions, unconscious beliefs, and unhealthy family dynamics that unwittingly hold us back. Working with Karen has helped me to release deep-seated patterns of scarcity and worthiness, and live a happier and richer life with greater abundance and peace. I am eternally grateful!
— Tim A., San Francisco, USA
Karen’s sessions have shifted my life incredibly.
Karen has this remarkable gift of being able to detect all my hidden and subconscious patterns and distortions. She can shift them with ease on spirit level. In daily reality I am now able to observe my patterns and suddenly I realized a big change. I crossed a threshold into inner peace, personal success, more ease and fun and joy and a feeling of abundance I didn’t have before. With all my heart, thank you!
— Doris H., Zurich, Switzerland


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