"the bENEFITS" - In this video you'll learn:

  • How frequency work can shift your experience

  • What changes may result

  • The bigger ripple effect


"hOW IT WORKS" - In this video you'll learn:

  • What frequencies are + why they are a game changer

  • How they create your reality + how they can be shifted

  • What is spherical luminosity and why is it important?


I’ve been working with Karen for a while now and have found her sessions both helpful and powerful. Karen has a way of cutting straight to the underlying programs and patterns that hold certain life circumstances in place for us and clearing them instantaneously. I have no idea exactly how she does this but it works!

Each time I listen to the session replays I am also able to access deeper levels of healing and clearing, and so the benefits continue outside the sessions too.

I’ve also been feeling more powerful and strong in myself since I started working with Karen, as though my foundation has strengthened and I’m stepping more and more into my power. Thank you!”
— Virginia E., London, UK


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