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Episode 12 The Main Reason You Get Stuck

Learn about one of the greatest forces that holds us back, which form the underpinnings of our beliefs, conclusions, assumptions and even what is possible for us.

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Super exciting announcement!

Mas Sajady just interviewed Karen for his podcast EI Exponential Intelligence on “Ascendance in the Feminine

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Episode 11 - True Discipline vs. Control

Learn about the difference between True Discipline vs. Control and how true discipline can create better outcomes with more ease.

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Episode 10 Breakdown Before The Breakthrough

Learn what the function of the breakdown is from spirit perspective, how to make the process faster and how we can use these times to tremendously accelerate our growth.

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Episode 9: Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

Learn the distinction between emotions and feelings, how to gain space from them so you're not overwhelmed by them and how to use the “negative emotions” to catalyze you forward.

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Episode 8: The Two Things That Will Trip You Up The Most Part 2

Learn what the two things are that you will trip you up the most are, so you can recognize them and leverage them into your greatest teachers. They're so big they each have their own part! This is part 2.

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Episode 7: The two things that will trip you up the most. Part 1

Learn what the two things are that you will trip you up the most are, so you can recognize them and leverage them into your greatest teachers.

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Episode 6: Will Of The Mind vs. Surrendered Will

Learn the difference between will of the mind vs. surrendered will and how surrendered will can be more effective, more productive and provide more opportunities than will from the mind.

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Episode 5: How to Get to where you want to be

Learn the fastest way to get to where you want to be. Continue reading


Episode 4: The Gift of the Body

Learn how to leverage the body to propel you forward spiritually.

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Episode 3: Detox - How to Leverage It

Learn what detox can look like and how to leverage it

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Episode 2: Frequency Work Fundamentals Part 2

Learn what the experience of frequency work is like and how Karen can do what she does

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Episode 1: Frequency Work Fundamentals

Learn how frequencies dictate your reality and what you can do to change it.

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