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Sedona Live: Frequency Work Fundamentals

Have you noticed that there are certain areas of your life where you seem to get stuck or have “bad luck” or experience the same frustrating outcome no matter what you try to do? Have you ever wondered why that is and wished you could change it?

Join Karen to help you understand why things are consistently tripping you up in certain aspects of your life.

She will also give a 30 minute Group Frequency Calibration (GFC) where she will work with your higher self, leveraging the power of the group, to catalyze a fundamental change to the patterns on spirit level that are creating your reality − whether you are aware of them or not. This ultimately allows more possibilities open to you so you can experience a different reality.

Price: $15 (Includes live event. + recording or live stream)*

**Please email for live stream links once you have registered if you will be attending remotely.

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