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Sedona Live: The Eternal Now: The Secret to Spherical Abundance

The Eternal Now is the most effective place from which to actively create our reality. If you want to manifest anything different than what you’re experiencing, you must learn to be present in the Eternal Now. 

The Eternal Now is also the access point to spherical abundance -- abundance in all directions, in all aspects of your life. Yep. Epic. 

The Eternal Now cannot be accessed by thought, which is too low in frequency. It can only be accessed from the higher frequencies, on spirit level. You can’t think your way there! 

When people are centered in the Eternal Now Karen can hyper-efficiently clear distortion patterns that are keeping them stuck.

 In powerful Group Frequency Calibrations (GFCs) she will clear the blocks keeping us from the Eternal Now and guide us deep into the frequency of Eternal Now so we can begin to:

  • create/manifest more effectively

  • resonate with and be more open to spherical abundance

  • enhance our intuition

  • shift our relationship with time/space so time becomes more malleable

  • increase access to information outside of the ordinary reality

 The event will include two hikes to very special outdoor locations where participants will receive GFCs and hands on work to leverage the incredible power of Sedona's red rock. 

Please note: for those that register for the weekend event, the Friday evening event Frequency Work Fundamentals is included in the price of the event.

There will be a special session following the Friday evening Frequency Work Fundamentals from approximately 8pm - 9pm for those who have registered for the weekend the Eternal Now event.

For your planning purposes, the approximate time for the Saturday events will be between 8am - 5pm and Sunday from 8am - 1pm. More specific time and locations will be announced at the the event.

Price: $495 ( live event + recording). 

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