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Tearing Free From Dark Shamanism & Witchcraft

ave you encountered or dabbled in shamanism or witchcraft, or participated in ceremony or ritual, and afterwards not felt quite like yourself?

Are you doing things that are destructive to yourself or others in a way you wouldn’t normally? Has anyone said that you’re acting unlike yourself or have you felt your friends distancing themselves from you? Do you ever feel like there is something else pressing in on you or controlling you?

If you’ve said yes to any of the above or you just feel somehow more and more out of control of your world and your actions, you may be enmeshed by witchcraft or dark shamanism. 

Without removing the dark control source, they tend to get stronger as they feed on our energy as we weaken and begin to believe that they are us. They also become more resistant to leaving an energy source that they have control over.

If you feel like this might be you, join Karen as she works with your Higher Self to help:

·        Remove any hooks from dark shamans or witches or other dark engergies

·        Delete the frequency of a propensity towards  or affinity for the darkness

·        Remove any dark contract through the lineage or through dark magic or ritual that has allowed a dark control source to host

·        Re-establish your dominion over your body and your spiritual space

·        Release the frequency patterns of control or abuse from an external source that attracted and allowed for the dark control source to enter your space

 Special 45 minute GFC $35 (live call + recording)

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