Frequently Asked Questions

Is this work right for me?

This is an excellent question. Frequency work with Karen is an efficient, highly effective and a very intense transformational process. As the frequency patterns shift or leave, the experience can be quite challenging depending on who you are. (See question about detox below.)

For people who are truly ready to take absolute personal accountability for their own growth, to move forward, to overcome whatever obstacles are keeping them stuck, and are willing to do the additional work of looking at themselves, taking responsibility for being where they are in whatever circumstances they find themselves in − many people have found that this work accelerated them forward into a new, more highly vibrating and much better version of reality.

For people who are mentally unstable, weak, tend to blame others for their problems, and/or who are not willing or not able to take personal responsibility, this is not the right work for you.

We invite you to reflect deeply, because this work is not for everyone. If you tend to see your experience as everyone and everything doing things TO you, and you do not see yourself as an active participant in the situations that arise in your life, this work is probably not for you because this is an indication that you are not at the stage of readiness where you accept that it is you who are primarily responsible for creating your own experience, whether or not that creation as at a conscious level.

We realize to answer these questions requires a level of self-awareness and observation, but if the above rings true on some level, we encourage you to strongly consider that this work is probably not right for you at the current time.

What is detox and will I experience it?

Not everyone detoxes but many do. This is the process of your physical, mental and emotional fields catching up and adjusting to the work that has happened on spirit level.

The length and intensity of this period depends on the individual. How much we are willing to be personally accountable for, how much fear we have, how much we are willing to let go. For some they experience no detox − they simply go to sleep, reset in sleep and wake up adjusted to higher frequency level. Many do, however, experience some level of detox.

Detox can show up in a number of different ways. It can be physical, so you may need a lot of sleep, you might have disrupted sleep, you may have extremely vivid dreams, you may get a really bad cold or flu or headache, and a few experience physical injury. Once that passes out of you, your physical body will have caught up with your spirit body and you'll have reset to your new higher frequency level.

It can also be mental or emotional. You may feel cranky, tired, out of sorts, empty, spacey, maybe not quite yourself, maybe not quite sure what to feel. If you have a tendency towards anxiety, panic, fear, worry, anger, depression, abuse, then you may feel that more intensely (for some, much more) after the session as your body resets itself as the frequency patterns leave.

Also people mirroring the patterns which you deleted may show up. For example, if you have removed the distortion of being bullied, it may be that random people you don't even know show up and start trying to tell you what to do. Instead of reacting automatically, notice what is happening. Pause for a second or two to become aware of what is happening and ask yourself what you normally would do − in this example, you might in the past have easily given in to the bully. This time, this experience is an opportunity to recognize that pattern and decide you do not want this any more, so instead you stand up for yourself. That signals that you are choosing something different and are confirming the deletion of the pattern.

Why? Because you have free will and you are accountable on spirit level for your own growth and path. No one is accountable for you but you alone. Karen cannot take that accountability from you nor would she be willing to!

There are some situations that arise as frequencies shift or are released that are very intense experientially. Some people have blamed Karen for creating the situation because they drop into fear in the intensity of the experience. Karen does not create the situation. Only you can create your own experience. She does not put frequencies in people. She shifts and removes them. These people are simply seeing − possibly for the first time − what they thought was inherent to them leaving them. Because they are not willing to take accountability for their own stuff, they look to blame someone else as they habitually do.

In these cases, the best thing to do would be to choose to take responsibility for their experience and their reality, and allow the distortion patterns time to clear fully out of the physical, mental, emotional fields. Once this is allowed to happen, accompanied by the acceptance of personal responsibility, they have the opportunity to experience a very different and better reality without that distortion pattern. In the cases where they choose to be accountable, the patterns can be invited back in and repeated. Again, this comes down to free will. No one is accountable for you but you alone. Your path is yours alone.

If you are unable or unwilling to take personal responsibility, this is work is not right for you at the current time (please see "is this work right for me?").

What is a Group Frequency Calibration and how is it different from an individual session?

A Group Frequency Calibration (GFC) is an affordable way for you to access Karen’s work.

Through what feels like a guided meditation, Karen works at spirit level on recalibrating the frequencies and removing the distortion patterns of the group and subgroups to bring you into spherical abundance. Who is on the live call and who listens to it in the future through the recordings is no accident!

By joining the mastermind of the call, you are able to harness the momentum of the group, which allows you to move further and faster in achieving the outcomes and transcending the obstacles of the specific topic.

Are the recorded GFCs as beneficial as attending a live call?

Yes. And many people have found that listening to the recordings more than once and/or on a very low volume in the background continues to deepen their experience.

What length of individual frequency calibration would be best for me to book?

For your first session, we'd recommend that you schedule 45 minutes to 1 hour, not because we're trying to get you to pay more but because it always seems that anyone who books less than that always wants to add more time in the middle of the session, which as you can imagine, Karen can't often accommodate last minute. That said, please follow your intuition as to what you feel will serve you best.

Do I need to know what it is I want before a session or have a list of questions ready?

You don't need to have anything specific that you want to work on. In fact, the first session is most powerful if Karen just taps in to you at spirit level to see what comes up as priority on that level. Often, if you do have something specific it is resolved by whatever is the spirit level priority, and if it isn't, she can leave a bit of time at the end for you to ask questions.

Where do I need to be for a session or GFC? Do I need to take notes?

It would be best if you're somewhere quiet and where you can be by yourself. In a car in a parking lot or on a quiet side street is totally fine. You just need to be able to call in and hear Karen and vice versa and not be too distracted. It's more important that you hear Karen since she'll be talking more. Karen will be recording the session or GFC so you can listen to it later, so you don't have to mentally track what is being said.

Can I go back to work after a session?

Most people are totally fine with getting out and about after a session. Some people prefer to be quiet for a bit or to be by themselves for a few minutes after the session. It is not required but sometimes that is the preference depending on what shows up and what frequencies are deleted. Some people feel like they want to sleep afterwards and wake up very refreshed after a nap or the next morning. Very occasionally Karen will be instructed by the person's spirit to tell them to meditate for a few minutes afterwards but that has not happened often.

Can I be driving during an individual or group frequency calibration?

No. It is definitely NOT a good idea for you to be driving.  It could be dangerous. These are not "regular" meditations. This is removing frequency distortion patterns so there is a lot happening on spirit level. People sometimes suddenly fall into sleep, feel tingly, super relaxed, warm, hot, cold, a little spacey, sometimes very emotional. Not the best for the focus required for driving! 

Do I need time to integrate? 

Karen works on the frequency level to delete the distortion patterns running through and around you. The change happens at frequency level first, then through your energetic fields, in through your physical form, then as the frequencies leave your physical form and come out through your energetic fields, they often intensify as they leave.

Once they go from being bound in and around the physical form into unbound energy before leaving completely they amplify. Imagine squishing a foam baseball into your hand. It compresses into the size of a walnut and then when you open your hand it pops back to the size of baseball. It's the same with the frequencies, as they "pop out" from the bound density of your physical body, they amplify until they leave. How long it takes for them to leave is anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. It really depends on you.

What is your cancellation policy?

    Cancellation for an IFC (Individual Frequency Calibration) received at least 24 hours before the appointment time, a full refund will be issued less a $25 administrative fee.  If cancelling the appointment yourself please email for a refund as our online system does not carry this out automatically.

    Cancellation for an IFC (Individual Frequency Calibration) made within 24 hours of the appointment, no refund and no customer credit will be given.

    No Show or Late Arrival for any reason forfeits your appointment.  No refund and no customer credit in full or partial, no make-up session and no rescheduling will be given

    All sales are final for live events, GFCs and recordings. No refunds will be issued.

Once you delete or remove the frequency patterns are they gone permanently?

Spirit moves in real time. Once the frequency patterns are deleted they are permanently deleted. That said, you could deliberately call them back to you if you really wanted to because you have free will.  

For example, I worked on someone's father through her and he was decaying in his body. Literally rotting because he was carrying so many dead people in him, so his finger nails were falling off, his skin on his hands was falling off in chunks, his feet had fungus, his body had a strong, decaying odor even though he bathed regularly. I asked if he walked by a cemetery or something, and she laughed and said her parents walked by one every day. He had a frequency pattern of calling in the dead. The distortion was that he could not send them where they were supposed to go, so instead the frequency patterns of the dead stayed within his energetic and physical fields. What was happening on the physical level is that his organs were decaying. Anyway, I told her to tell him to not walk into a cemetery or stay in a hotel or go to a hospice or ICU for 7 days until he gelled a bit more on spirit level. It would take that 7 days for that to work its way through his fields. He could, however, reverse the work (if he wanted to) by deliberately going counter to those instructions.

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