Instilling Peace

Instilling Peace


Are you one of those people who can’t seem to sit still? Do you have so many projects going on that you’re starting to lose track of which one is which? Are you the one everyone turns to, to get things done, so much so that your plate is way past full? Do you yearn for some stillness but when you try to relax, you can never seem to because your mind is full of things you have to do?

In our current time, with so many things pulling at our attention, from our devices to other people to work, we can find ourselves in a tailspin of doing, sometimes to the point that we feel like we’re a little out of control or exhausted from it all.

Join Karen for this Group Frequency Calibration where she will help your spirit:

  • Ground you to the earth to slow things down

  • Release you from other people’s urgencies

  • Create firmer boundaries so that you aren’t taking on more than you can chew

  • Amplify a sense of peace and calm

  • Rise above the overwhelm so you’re not drowning in your to do list

  • Sharpen your focus, to help you prioritize what really needs your attention

  • Release you from the distraction and the pull of your electronic devices

  • Allow you to hold an inner stillness even in the midst of action

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