Accelerating Potential


Accelerating Potential

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Have you ever felt like you wanted to be more, do more, experience more but you're feeling stuck? You're not quite sure how, but you feel like you could be more than you are now?

In this Group Frequency Calibration Karen helps your spirit:

  • Release distortion patterns of fear that you will be out of control as you move towards your own potential

  • Enhance trust in your own timing.

  • Accelerate at the speed that is specific to and perfect for you

  • Work with your pain body to allow for the most efficient acceleration into your greatest potential

  • Delete patterns of fear and anxiety of the unknown

  • Release control patterns that are slowing you down and preventing you from realizing your true potential

  • Create new patterns to open up more possibilities, opportunities and greater potential

  • Dispel distortions that you have to do something to be worthy of achieving your potential

  • Release the need to control what your potential could look like

  • Remove the distortion that you must suffer to achieve your potential

    Trust that you are able to achieve your potential

  • Enhancing focus to reach your potential

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