Catalyzing Exuberance for Life

Catalyzing Exuberance for Life


Do you feel like there is a persistent fog around you that keeps you from fully experiencing the fullness of life? Are you often distracted? So busy that you feel like you often miss out on life’s simple pleasures? Or maybe you are happy but you’d like to experience more joy, more often than you do.

In this Group Frequency Calibration Karen works with your higher self to help:

-        Remove distortions causing emotional or mental numbness

-        Remove distortions of fear or anxiety that cause you to hold back from jumping into life

-        Create new patterns for greater enjoyment of the senses

-        Open the heart and mind to new growth experiences

-        Facilitate pleasure

-        Remove patterns of guilt or shame around experiencing pleasure and joy

-        Dispel dogmatic, binding thought forms of what is appropriate

So you can feel brighter, more open and receptive to the joys of life.

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