The Power Of The Mastermind & How To Get In On It

Learn what a mastermind is, how they form both consciously and unconsciously, and how extensive (both positive and negative) the impact of who you mastermind with is.


·        A mastermind is created consciously or unconsciously when two or more beings come together.

·        It is a separate consciousness formed by the members of the group coming together.

·        It is an amplifier and accelerator either into higher vibrating or lower vibrating states (such as violence, anger, etc).

·        Often people do not realize that their family units are masterminds which as a result very much influence the level of success, possibility, openness, growth and abundance that each member experiences.

·        A mastermind will usually default to a rough average of the frequencies of the members of the group.

·        If the leader of the group is strong enough on spirit level, it can pull the group above the average frequency level.

·        You can use the momentum of the group to go faster. Much like in pro bicycle racing where a rider will “draft” off the wheel of the rider in front of them to use their momentum to allow them to go faster with less effort, one can do this on spirit level as well, particularly if the intention of the group is very high (such as deepening one’s connection to Pure Source)

·        Karen really likes working with groups because she is allowed to create a tremendous amount of speed and momentum for a group that she cannot for individuals – which means that there's even more potential for growth and change.

·        The mastermind is a microcosm for the oneness. What impacts one impact the other. The more speed one has, the more the other.

·        The impact on the Oneness of the shift in the group when group frequency work is experienced is massive. Not only is it transformative for the individuals participating, it even impacts the greater collective.

·        In the new paradigm, everyone wins. If it’s in alignment with Pure Souce then everyone benefits. There is no zero sum game where someone wins and someone loses.

·        With frequency work, it modulates for the different levels of the members of the mastermind