The Main Reason You Get Stuck

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Learn about one of the greatest forces that holds us back, which form the underpinnings of our beliefs, conclusions, assumptions and even what is possible for us.



The GFC at the end starts to help unbind these patterns that are keeping us bound in the same loop that our family before us were trapped in.

Without the frequency work, we not only repeat those same patterns, they intensify through the generations. That means unless you delete these patterns, they will not only run through you, but through your children too.

Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

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Learn the distinction between emotions and feelings, how to gain space from them so you're not overwhelmed by them and how to use the “negative emotions” to catalyze you forward.




-        There is a difference between emotion and feeling

-        Emotion is a purely natural, instinctual response to a situation. There is no mind involved. A true emotion lasts only a few seconds to a couple of minutes.

-        A feeling is an emotional state perpetuated by the mind. We no longer are in the situation that caused the emotion but our minds put us back in that situation and we continue to emotionally react and live as if that same situation is happening even though it happened hours, days, months and sometimes years ago.

-        A feeling can further distort and become so rigid that it becomes our identity

-        Distortion patterns can perpetuate the same emotions over and over again which then conditions what kinds of thoughts we have and what we’re willing to experience

-        The “negative” emotions (the ones that we tend to try to avoid like fear, anger, worry, anxiety) can be extraordinarily beneficial − either because they can be a catalyst or because they are a signpost of what we need to pay attention to and see in ourselves.

-        Emotions can be a change agent.

The Two Things That Will Trip You Up The Most. Part 2

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Learn what the two things are that you will trip you up the most so you can know what they are and leverage them into your greatest teachers. They're so big they each have their own part! This is part 2.




·        The pain body as seen at frequency level is a little different from the one described by Eckhart Tolle. From Karen’s understanding, it was created as an efficiency system so that you wouldn’t have to relearn everything. It takes in everything that you’ve learned and stores it, including the things that emotionally wound us.

·        A distorted pain body is one that gets triggered easily by change, insecurities, old woundings. It can cause us to be very reactive even if we don’t want to be.

·        It feeds on pain either to self or to other. When we hurt another when the pain body is activated it temporarily relieves the pain body because it has something to feed on. As a result, those with a heavily distorted pain body often cause a lot of drama and pain in others in order for their pain bodies to be satiated.

·        The pain body can be one of our greatest teachers because it shows us where we need to strengthen because we are so reactive in these particular ways that are specific to us. We can use it as a tool to allow us to see ourselves more clearly and therefore accelerate forward more quickly.

The Two Things That Will Trip You Up The Most Part 1

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Learn what the two things are that you will trip you up the most so you can know what they are and leverage them into your greatest teachers.

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- The ego and the mind are interrelated, but distinct from each other.

- The mind is the tool that we use to limit and filter the otherwise unmanageable amount of information around us, sorting it into "this or that" (so we can compare and choose what is safe and/or better for us). It also helps us understand how things fit together in the world around us.

- The ego is the part that judges, determines what “should be”, compares us to others, often needing to feel better than others in order to feel worthy, loved or empowered. It's also the part of us that wants to be right to continuously reinforce the sense of self.

- We are not our thoughts. Our thoughts are formed mainly by the distortion patterns that are found in our lineage, religion and cultures. They are not really “ours” in the sense that most of them do not originate from us independently of those sources.

- We tend to repeat the same or similar thoughts over and over because of the frequency distortion patterns running through us.

- It is important to distinguish your Self from your mind and ego which are constantly talking to you.

Will Of The Mind vs. Surrendered Will

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Learn the difference between will of the mind vs. surrendered will and how surrendered will can be more effective, more productive and provide more opportunities than will from the mind.


-        All the possibilities are amazing if you’re not attached to what the outcome is.

-        Will of the mind can be effective but it’s limited because it can only take in a small percentage of the millions of data points happening at any moment in time. Surrendered will (i.e. surrendered to Pure Source, only) opens up new and many more possibilities because it’s not constrained by the limited data that the mind can absorb and process, nor what we think we want which is informed by the distortion patterns running through us.

-        Without doing frequency work to remove them, distortion patterns are what form our thoughts, emotions and what we think we want.

-        Surrendered will allows us to enter into more creative thought, have different emotions, different ideas, allow for more opportunities and more magic comes in because we let go of and aren't limited by what we think we want.

-        Surrender from strength is when we are so complete, we know with absolutely certainty that we can transcend whatever obstacles we are experiencing, so there’s nothing to fear. Whatever shows up in your path will be an opportunity to grow or learn from.

How To Get Where You Want To Be

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  • Getting from where you are to where you want to be requires momentum. On spirit level, the way to carry the momentum of frequency work forward is through personal accountability.

  • No one else can “save” us or walk our journey for us because only we are in charge of our own awakening. No one else has the ability to do that, which is an empowering state because we do not have to rely on anyone else for our awakening or spiritual acceleration.

  •  In order to accelerate we must be willing to see our own “stuff” and be accountable for it.

  • One aspect of personal accountability is the willingness to look unflinchingly at oneself – without judgment – and to accept it, so you can ultimately release what no longer serves you.

  • It’s difficult to accelerate forward if you can’t accept who you are in your entirety.

  • Once we accept or claim our own brilliance without comparison to others, fear can no longer be our master

  • Listen to the GFC on Getting Where You Want to Be to facilitate accountability & clarity

The Gift of the Body

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·        The secret to the awakening, the knowledge you seek  – already exists deep within you. Trying to escape out of the body takes you further away from where you are trying to go.

·        Holding things you want outside of yourself (one way we do this is by chasing what we want) creates even more tension between you and those things, keeping them further from your experience. When you realize it all already exists within you, you can live a different experience.

·        Being present in the body is key to acceleration and to influencing your reality for 2 main reasons (watch the full episode to find out how).

·        Allowing for the full emotional experience to be felt and pass through you is extremely efficient in terms of learning. Suppressing, resisting or trying to escape emotion is what causes those emotions to distort.

·        If we can transcend in the body (i.e. if we can transcend the limitation of our sensory input and the belief that we are separate), that realization while in the body results in a massive leap on spirit level.

·        Listen to the GFC at the end to begin to leverage the body experience to accelerate on spirit level.

Detox: How to Leverage It

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·  Distinguishing true emotion from something you are fostering with your mind can release you from a lot of drama

·  Being accountable for your patterns and being able to notice them more and more quickly will help you to enter a state of neutrality and completeness and accelerate faster.

·  Detox is the catch up period after frequency work where the slower vibrating physical, mental and emotional bodies adjust to the changes that happen instantly, in real time on the much higher vibrating spirit level

·  Detox can also be a space of letting go of what we think is us, what we are attached to and what no longer serves us.

·  Learn more about the 4 strategies to help you get through detox more efficiently (listen to the full episode for them)

Frequency Work Fundamentals Part 2

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  • The experience of frequency work can range from bodily sensations to energetic sensations.

  • Spirit moves in real time and once I delete the distortion patterns they are gone completely. Your physical, emotional and mental bodies need to catch up to that change on spirit level and we call that “catch up” period, detox.

  • The intensity of the period of integration/clearing or detox depends on 3 things:  how much fear you have, how quickly you can let go, your rule set on detox (more on rule sets in an upcoming episode)

  • There are two ways to bypass distortion pattern deletion (watch the episode to find out what they are)

  • The ripple effect in your life can be extremely extensive, affecting things such as how you feel about yourself, how you experience abundance, who you are in relationship with

  • How Karen does what she does is not sensory perception -- it’s through a process she calls "tapping in" (watch full episode to find out how)

  • Why Karen can do this work and how that ties into synergetic ascension, which is profoundly beneficial

  • Listen to the free GFC at the end entitled “Accelerating Potential” to begin to clear the distortion patterns that are holding you back


Frequency Work Fundamentals Part 1

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·        Frequencies govern form or what we know as the physical reality. So no matter what you do from a behavior or mental standpoint, if you don’t change the underlying frequency patterns, you can effect only limited change in the physical reality no matter how hard you try, how much time you spend, how much coaching you get. Change the frequencies. Change your reality.

·        The places you get stuck in your life over and over again show you where the distortion patterns are the strongest.

·        The possibilities that are available to you expand exponentially as you experience frequency work (listen to the full episode to find out how) which means that more opportunities and synchronicities appear, people step in to help in unexpected ways and better realities than what you currently can conceive of become available to you.

·        The benefits of frequency work include: as we become more complete from a spirit perspective, we experience a certain type of freedom because we no longer need external sources (people, things, circumstances) to make us happy.

·        The free Group Frequency Calibration on “Clearing the Way” at the end of the episode will help you to begin to clear the distortion patterns that are keeping you stuck.