Frequency Work Fundamentals Part 2

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  • The experience of frequency work can range from bodily sensations to energetic sensations.

  • Spirit moves in real time and once I delete the distortion patterns they are gone completely. Your physical, emotional and mental bodies need to catch up to that change on spirit level and we call that “catch up” period, detox.

  • The intensity of the period of integration/clearing or detox depends on 3 things:  how much fear you have, how quickly you can let go, your rule set on detox (more on rule sets in an upcoming episode)

  • There are two ways to bypass distortion pattern deletion (watch the episode to find out what they are)

  • The ripple effect in your life can be extremely extensive, affecting things such as how you feel about yourself, how you experience abundance, who you are in relationship with

  • How Karen does what she does is not sensory perception -- it’s through a process she calls "tapping in" (watch full episode to find out how)

  • Why Karen can do this work and how that ties into synergetic ascension, which is profoundly beneficial

  • Listen to the free GFC at the end entitled “Accelerating Potential” to begin to clear the distortion patterns that are holding you back