The Gift of the Body

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·        The secret to the awakening, the knowledge you seek  – already exists deep within you. Trying to escape out of the body takes you further away from where you are trying to go.

·        Holding things you want outside of yourself (one way we do this is by chasing what we want) creates even more tension between you and those things, keeping them further from your experience. When you realize it all already exists within you, you can live a different experience.

·        Being present in the body is key to acceleration and to influencing your reality for 2 main reasons (watch the full episode to find out how).

·        Allowing for the full emotional experience to be felt and pass through you is extremely efficient in terms of learning. Suppressing, resisting or trying to escape emotion is what causes those emotions to distort.

·        If we can transcend in the body (i.e. if we can transcend the limitation of our sensory input and the belief that we are separate), that realization while in the body results in a massive leap on spirit level.

·        Listen to the GFC at the end to begin to leverage the body experience to accelerate on spirit level.