The Two Things That Will Trip You Up The Most Part 1

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Learn what the two things are that you will trip you up the most so you can know what they are and leverage them into your greatest teachers.

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- The ego and the mind are interrelated, but distinct from each other.

- The mind is the tool that we use to limit and filter the otherwise unmanageable amount of information around us, sorting it into "this or that" (so we can compare and choose what is safe and/or better for us). It also helps us understand how things fit together in the world around us.

- The ego is the part that judges, determines what “should be”, compares us to others, often needing to feel better than others in order to feel worthy, loved or empowered. It's also the part of us that wants to be right to continuously reinforce the sense of self.

- We are not our thoughts. Our thoughts are formed mainly by the distortion patterns that are found in our lineage, religion and cultures. They are not really “ours” in the sense that most of them do not originate from us independently of those sources.

- We tend to repeat the same or similar thoughts over and over because of the frequency distortion patterns running through us.

- It is important to distinguish your Self from your mind and ego which are constantly talking to you.