What People are Sayin'

"On a recent morning, I was sharing Karen’s work with a friend and surprised myself by saying: “You know how I love pizza, right? My favorite food ever. But if I was forced to choose between pizza and working with Karen, I’d go with Karen.”

And a week or so later, after his initial session with Karen, the friend agreed — Karen over pizza. (I don’t know how obsessed he is with pizza, but he must be a bit of a fan or we’d never be friends.)

In my first session with Karen, she really tapped in to the core frequencies that were holding me back — and she released them. My heightened fight-or-flight response was gone. This weird fog that I’d never been able to shake — gone. I’d always felt a filter between myself and my surroundings, like I couldn’t effortlessly engage in this reality. And in the coming days and weeks, I would learn that that was finally gone too.

Later that night, I watched an old Christmas movie I’d seen dozens of times. But this time it felt brand new. I was seeing so many things with new eyes. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever need to work with Karen again — I felt so bright and clear and present. 

But I did. I got curious: What distortions were beyond that surface layer? Since those old frequencies weren’t returning, what else could we clear? How far could this go?

It turns out this can go pretty far, because the future is limitless. That’s something I didn’t understand before my initial session with Karen. But I know it so clearly now. Limitless. (And if it doesn’t include pizza, I guess I’m fine with that.)" - Hillary S., Los Angeles, USA


I’ve been working with Karen for a while now and have found her sessions both helpful and powerful. Karen has a way of cutting straight to the underlying programs and patterns that hold certain life circumstances in place for us and clearing them instantaneously. I have no idea exactly how she does this but it works! Each time I listen to the session replays I am also able to access deeper levels of healing and clearing, and so the benefits continue outside the sessions too. I’ve also been feeling more powerful and strong in myself since I started working with Karen, as though my foundation has strengthened and I’m stepping more and more into my power. Thank you!” Virginia E., London, UK


"I had been searching and searching for something that allowed myself to feel free.  Feel free of whatever unsettledness I've had for most of my life.  I've always known there was a deeper truth but I had forgotten.  After several years of opening myself up to conscious work...spirituality, metaphysics and beyond,  I knew I was getting closer but still something felt missing from each avenue I explored.  That is, until I started working with Karen. 

After just one live session, I stop in my tracks and said, "this is it."  This is what I've been prepping and waiting for to catapult my next level of awakening.  In less than 5 months of  Karen's work, I've experienced simple, profound and effortless shifts daily in my life and the people around me, especially my family.  I never dreamed that I would have the kind of relationship I have now with my parents and I actually look forward to spending time with them. 

Karen's highly efficient intuitive abilities tap into beyond what most minds can comprehend and as she lifts any distortions in the way,  it gives the opportunity to immediately see the optimal version of myself.  As life begins to unfold moment by moment, I become more aware of myself, my environment and I am able to respond in creative ways that I would have never imagined before.  It's as if different parts of my brain are starting to light up to the truest essence of who I am.   I am no longer feeling a sense of distorted longing or angst because I am full and at peace.  I feel joy and excitement for my life because that is who I am.   I fantasized about arriving to where I am now because my mind thought we'd be striving for fulfillment for a lifetime but I knew that was a distortion!   

The heavy patterns of control, oppression, guilt, shame, blame, self-worth...gone!   I am trusting and connected even more in all areas of my life.  I stopped looking outside of myself and turned inward for wisdom.   I am clear and focused in my purpose.   My relationship with time and overwhelm are settled.   I am "willing" less and "receiving" more the ideal opportunities that present themselves.  I am "doing" less and "being" more.  I am aligned more and more with the will of my spirit.   My intuition is on fire. I am forty and I'm f'in free!   Everything else is a bonus AND I know there's so much more...excited for beyond limits!  Endless thank you's, Karen!!" Shelly C., Los Angeles, USA


"Karen’s work is nothing short of life-changing. She has an amazing ability to see the underlying patterns that keep us small and limited and stuck. Things like lineage patterns, repressed emotions, unconscious beliefs, and unhealthy family dynamics that unwittingly hold us back. Working with Karen has helped me to release deep-seated patterns of scarcity and worthiness, and live a happier and richer life with greater abundance and peace. I am eternally grateful!" - Tim A., San Francisco, CA


"I have known Karen for several years now and have worked with her many times on spirit level, clearing things in my lineage and my past and overall helping me to continue moving forward in my spiritual evolution.  I have some pets that she has also helped me with when they were struggling because of my forward ascension.  She is an amazing person, so genuine, and kind but also very efficient and to the point!  A woman of true integrity.  You will not regret any time spent working with her!  Love her and the work she does.  She is always improving herself for the highest good of All." - Heather H., San Francisco, CA


"Karen’s sessions have shifted my life incredibly. She has this remarkable gift of being able to detect all my hidden and subconscious patterns and distortions. She can shift them with ease on spirit level. In daily reality I am now able to observe my patterns and suddenly I realized a big change. I crossed a threshold into inner peace, personal success, more ease and fun and joy and a feeling of abundance I didn't have before. With all my heart, thank you!!" - Doris H., Zurich, Switzerland


"Karen is a powerful, deeply intuitive and intentional teacher and spiritual healer.  During her classes she helps each individual be successful by clearing key emotional and spiritual impediments so the collective can achieve higher frequency levels and learn the teachings.  Having also had the privilege of one on one sessions, her intuitive abilities help identify key obstacles and her ability to remove frequency distortions have facilitated smoother and more desirable outcomes.  All of this is done with a deeply caring hand.  

I am so happy to have Karen both as my guide to learning about the power of my spiritual self and helping me achieve my personal and professional goals.  It’s a relationship I am so grateful for having found and that I look forward to having for a long time to come." - Vanessa C., Montreal, Canada


"I continue to circle back and listen to the GFC recordings.  Each time I listen I seem to go deeper and deeper with my experience. It's really wonderful to have them. I am becoming more and more aware of who I am through a deep silent peace within myself. Less turmoil and more joy fills my every day.  THANK YOU!" – Dennis K., DesMoines, USA